Aerial Missions
Specializing in Nationwide Ash & Cremated Remains Scattering by Air


Angels Flight
Cremated Remains Scattering from within a Beautiful Fireworks Display


Ashes on the Sea
Dignified scattering of cremated remains off the southern California coast.


Bluewater Tributes At Sea
Dignified scattering of cremated remains in the Gulf of Mexico on Florida's west coast.


Cloud-Nine Coastal Flights
Aerial dispersion of cremated remains off California's Big Sur coastline.


Eight Bells
Massachusetts-based company providing sea scattering services.


Eternal Ascent Society
Offers balloon ascent and release of cremains of loved ones.


Four Winds Aerial Scattering
Conducts affordable and prompt aerial burials over the Atlantic near the Chesapeake Bay.


Funeral At Sea
Funeral At Sea offers a dignified and simple alternative to the conventional funeral, in "Florida waters".


Heaven's Wings
California scattering.


International Aircraft Services
California's majestic coastline will serve as a monument to honor and dignify the life of your loved one.


Ashes at Sea Hawaii
Ashes scattering ceremony at sea


Memorial Ecosystems
Nationwide scatterings - permanent woodlands, prairies, deserts, and mountains.


Ocean Cremation Disposition
Faithful and reverent scatterings of cremated remains at sea.


Pacific Coast Ashes At Sea
Dignified burial at sea in the form of the scattering of cremated remains


Poplar Camp Memorial Forest
Poplar Camp Memorial Forest is a sacred place to memorialize and say goodbye to our loved ones. Nestled in the beautiful southern Blue Ridge Mountains Poplar Camp Memorial Forest is a natural sanctuary of eternal tranquility and comfort.


Wing And A Prayer
Burial at sea and on land by scattering cremated remains by plane in Northern and Central CA


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